Everest Mountains

Everest Gear List

CategoryItemQtyRecommendations/Notes and Comments
EyesGoggles2Both Dark Lens and clear or yellow lens
EyesGlacier Sun Glasses2Bring a Spare pair just in case
FaceBalaclava or Buff2Great for climbing and the trek in to filter out dust
Food Cup1 
Food Bowl1 
Food Fork, Knife, Spoon1 
Food Gel Packs40Hammer Gel Packs or your favorite brand
Food Electrolyte Drink Mix120NUUN, Vitalyte, Hammer
Food Power Bars1 
Food Snacks and favorite foods1Chocolate, Nuts, Cheese, etc
Food Meals1Supplied by Expedition team
FootwearSock Liners5Synthetic or Merino Wool
FootwearCamp Shoes1Extra pair of shoes for hanging around base camp – Sorels, etc
FootwearDouble Boots+Overboot or Triple Boot1Millet Everest; La Sportiva Olympus Mons
FootwearWool Socks5Expedition weight wool socks
FootwearDown Booties1 
FootwearHiking boots1Asolo 520 TPS leather boots
FootwearHiking Socks4For the trek in
FootwearGaiters1OR Expedition Gaiters (not require with triple boot)
HeadWool Hat2Bring a extra so you can rotate and let them dry
HeadBaseball Hat1 
HandsMittens1OR Alti Mitts
HandsHeavy Weight Gloves1Black Diamond Guide Glove
HandsGlove Liners2 
Technical GearHeadlamp2Bring a spare
MiscExtra Batteries1 
MiscFlashlight1For tent at Base Camp
MiscMap1Wahburn Map
MiscKnife or Multi-tool1 
MIscWatch – Altimeter, Compass, Stop, Alarm1 
Technical GearTrekking Poles1 
Lower BodyLong Underwear –  Bottom3Merino Wool or Synthetic
Lower BodyWaterpoof Breathable pants1Goretex, E-vent, etc
Lower BodyUnderwear5Wool or Sythetic
Lower BodyClimbing Pant1 
Lower BodyTrekking Pant3 
MedicalSmall First Aid Kit1Band-aids, ibuprofen, tylenol, moleskin, tape
MedicationHigh Altitude Medications1Diamox, Dexamethozone, Nifedipine
MedicationMedication – Z Pack3For chest infections – bring a couple cycles just in case
MedicationMedication – Cypro3For stomach sickness – bring a couple cycles just in case
MedicationBaby Aspirin60Take 1 per day to thin blood and reduce risk of stroke
MedicationProbiotics60Take 1 per day to help with digestion 
MedicationCough Drops50Chloroseptic
MedicationInhaler1Helps with Khumbu Cough
MedicationInhaler – Advair1Helps with Khumbu Cough
MedicationSleeping Pills  
MiscDuct Tape1Misc uses
MiscHeavy Duty Contractor Trash Bag10Misc uses
MiscRepair Kit1Misc repair items – tent, crampon, etc
MiscEar Plugs1 
MiscBooks, iPod, etc1 
Personal Hand Sanitizer2 
Personal Small Towel1Quick dry material
Personal Toilet Paper  
SkinSunscreen1SPF 30 or higher
SkinLip Balm1SPF 30 or higher
SkinHand moisturizer1 
Technical GearAscender1Petzl – lighter than Black Diamond and less complex
Technical GearClimbing Ropes Supplied by Expedition Teams and Fixed by Sherpa
Technical GearCarabiners (Locking)4 
Technical GearCarabiners (non-Locking)4 
Technical GearSlings2 
Technical GearPrussik Slings2 
Technical GearCordelete3030 ft of 6 mm cordelete
Technical GearAlpine Climbing Harness1 
Technical GearHelmet1 
Technical GearFigure 8 or Belay/Rappel Device2Bring a spare in case you drop on in a crevase
Technical GearCrampons1 
Technical GearIce Ax1 
Technical GearBack Pack1Wild Things Andinista
Technical GearWaterproof Back Pack Cover1 
Technical GearTent1Expedition supplied
TentExpedition weight sleeping bag (-20 F)2Bring two bags one for Base Camp and one for high camps
TentSleeping Pad21 Foam, 1 Air 
TentPee Bottle1Either 1 Liter Nalgene or 2 liter Wide Mouth Cantene
TravelDuffle Bags –  large2North Face Waterproof duffle
TravelLocks2Small travel locks for duffle bags
TravelStuff Sacks10Bring a couple large ones to sort/cachee gear higher on the mountain.   Bring enough medium sized stuff sacks to keep your gear organized at base camp.
TravelCompression Sack4Down Jacket/pants or Suit, Sleeping Bag, other misc clothes
Upper BodySynthic t-short3For trek in
Upper BodyDown Parka  1If you are bring a down suit also bring a separate down parka for base camp
Upper BodyDown or Primaloft Pant1Bring a pair of Down or Primaloft pants to leave at base campe for hanging around.
Upper BodyLong Underwear – Top3Merino Wool or Synthetic
Upper BodyWindproof jacket1Mountain Hardwear Windstopper tech jacket
Upper BodyWaterpoof Breathable Jacket1Goretex, E-vent, etc
Upper/Lower BodyDown Parka and Pants or Down Suit1North Face or Mountain Hardwear – 800 fill
WaterThermos1Lightweight Vacuum sealed
WaterWater Bottle4Bring 2 x 1 Liter Nalgene bottles and 2 x 1/2 liter bottles.  On summit day put the 2 x 1/2 liter bottles inside your down suit/parka and carry a 1 liter thermos.  Use the 2 liter bottles for the rest of the trip.
WaterBottle Insulators2OR Water Bottle Parka
WaterIodine Tablets1Most water is boiled on Everest but bring some Iodine in case

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